Are the Players Cheating with the Poker Card Analyzer Tools?

When you sit down at a poker table the highest fears is of getting cheated away. When you have played for some time you will tend to realize the concerns are generally unfounded as both the casinos and the online poker sites make use of a wide range of the security measures (that depends on where you are playing!). Technology is changing, but, and the modern device to come from China has put certain players highly worried. Gadget is referred as the “Poker Analyzer”.

There are some variants but basic idea behind poker cards analyzer is it will tell you what the cards are dealt. Here we will take a much closer look on how the Poker Analyzers work or whether it is the legitimate danger on the tables. First you require following to make the Poker Analyzer work:

poker cards analyzer

  • Marked cards
  • Smartphone -type of device will keep in the pocket that reads what camera is sending
  • The special Smartphone-the looking device will set on a table having poker scanning camera
  • Optional keychain size device that allows you change number of the players on fly by clicking
  • The earpiece to get information about the cards

How Does the Poker Analyzer Actually Work?

The Poker Analyzer will tell you what is coming just by reading barcodes on the special batch of the marked cards. Analyzer can send this information to other device that with relay this to the earpiece that can give the verbal cue like “DIAMOND QUEEN” that will represent Q♦.