Design of manuscript copy editing levels

When you are correcting or Making changes in a book manuscript, what you are doing is editing that manuscript. I have been in the company of editing prospective books for over the past twenty-five decades, and I have helped many a first time writer put their book together in a manner that made it more readable, enjoyable, salable and marketable. There are two basic kinds of helping an author write their own book. One is copy editing writing. That is when you choose the material the author provides you, like through tapes, written materials and/or telephone calls, taking notes as you go, and holding meetings and interviews, and then you actually do the job of writing the book yourself. You may supply new material, new personalities, fresh nuances, etc. for your book.

standards of copy editing

But copyrighting book writing may also be about the fine edge of rewriting. By way of instance, the ideas laid out by the first author may fully put in your writing of this book, sometimes as initially constructed by the writer. Or you may simply rewrite a manuscript which was pretty much officially written by the writer. This is close to the finer edges of copy editing and what is copyediting, where what you really do is simply fix the minor and major mistakes made by the first writer. The big difference between Copy editing writing and copy editing isn’t always so pronounced, you see. Some folks think it to be copy editing writing when you take an author’s thoughts and rearrange them into readable material, although other men and women consider this to be rewriting. A significant task of rewriting might involved adding a new voice into the substance, or making modifications in the overall writing style, which might be superfluous, exaggerative, or just downright dull.

Copy editing or editing, on the Other hand, usually involves keeping to the style of the first writing, without adding much if some of your own writing voice to it. What you are doing is possibly rearranging some of this material to reflect increased consistency in the writing along the lines of what the writer wants or appears to want. You may be making changes in grammar, syntax changes that involve keyword phrase order and possibly utilizing new phrases and words, correcting punctuation, and shifting a few of this sentence structuring. You might be adding a few of your own fresh material again here, as when you do copy editing writing, but when copy editing rather than copy editing writing is involved, this won’t typically be major additions of new book stuff.